A Message From Loop Global Founder, Dustin Cavanaugh

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Loop Global’s journey towards revolutionizing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. After careful consideration and planning, Zack Martin, a seasoned member of our executive team, has been appointed as the new CEO of Loop Global.

Zack has been an integral part of our company’s growth story, serving as the CFO for the past three years. His deep understanding of our vision and unique business model make him the perfect person to lead us into this exciting new chapter. Zack’s tireless efforts in fundraising and investor relations have played a pivotal role in propelling Loop towards unprecedented growth. His financial acumen has not only fueled our expansion but has also set a strong foundation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Loop is currently experiencing exponential growth as we continue to pursue our mission of driving innovative infrastructure to streamline the electrification of global transportation. Zack’s extensive background in finance will be a cornerstone in this next phase of our growth, especially as the market landscape matures.

“I am genuinely looking forward to this next chapter at Loop, where I’ll have the privilege of leading alongside Dustin and our exceptionally talented team..We aim to drive exponential growth, nurture groundbreaking innovation, and achieve paramount success.” -Zack Martin

I have complete confidence in Zack’s abilities, and I am certain that under his steadfast leadership, Loop will not only continue to thrive but will also reach new milestones that will redefine the future of EV infrastructure.  So please join me in congratulating Zack Martin on his well deserved promotion!

Dustin Cavanaugh
Founder, Loop Global





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