Loop Inc. CEO Dustin Cavanaugh Recognized as Visionary

Loop Inc. CEO Dustin Cavanaugh Recognized as “CEO Visionary” By LA Times Publication

Loop Inc. CEO Dustin Cavanaugh Recognized as “CEO Visionary” By LA Times Publication

Los Angeles, CA – Dustin Cavanaugh, CEO of Loop Inc.,  has been profiled by the LA Times’ annual C-Suite publication as one of this year’s outstanding CEO Visionaries.

C-Suite: Trends. Updates. CEO & CFO Leadership Awards” is an annual business publication that highlights CEOs and other leaders who excel in their position within their organizations and communities. In this year’s edition, C-Suite celebrates the tireless efforts of Cavanaugh as he leads his dedicated team in providing affordable and accessible clean energy solutions to corporate, commercial, and public clients around the world.

The Los Angeles Times profile details, “[In 2019] Dustin founded Loop Inc., which included the creation of an innovative turnkey hardware, software and ongoing operating solution that is highly affordable, flexible and makes owning an EV charging network a frictionless and profitable experience for their customers. Since founding Loop, the company has deployed thousands of charging stations across the world, with over 100+ network partners offering Loop’s charging solutions in nearly every state and over 15+ countries.” 

“Since day one it’s felt like we’re all on the same team, all working to accomplish the same goal,” said one Loop representative. “Not only does Dustin provide demonstrative leadership and clear cut goals for this small but passionate team, but he gives us the inspiration and motivation to go beyond our job titles and help make Loop a truly world-changing company.”

Within the Loop organization itself, Cavanaugh is recognized for his genuine passion for environmental conservation and energy solutions, ambitious leadership, and trust in his team to do their job to the best of their ability. 

More from the LA Times C-Suite profile: “Dustin has dedicated his career to helping businesses in Los Angeles and across the country combat climate change, while simultaneously maximizing their bottom-line.” 

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