With New CTEP Certification, Loop Joins Exclusive Company

With New CTEP Certification, Loop Joins Exclusive Company

Loop EV Charging Network is among the first to earn the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) approval.

California’s Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) has finalized standards for EV charging stations. Since these standards were put into place, only three charging companies have earned the DMS’s CTEP certification; Loop has now become the fourth.

The purpose of CTEP is to ensure that the performance of a device, in this case our Level 2 chargers, is “suitable for its intended use, is accurate, operates correctly, has all required markings, and prevents the facilitation of fraud.”

What This Means for Loop’s Customers

This is a major milestone in Loop’s growth and it cements the company as one of the most trusted and secure options for EV drivers.

Our customers have always been our #1 priority. From day one, we set out to be as transparent and secure as possible. Drivers can now charge at any of Loop’s public Level 2 stations with complete confidence that their transaction is fair, precise and safe. All measurements, displays and pricing are certified accurate and easy to understand for even the newest EV driver.

Loop Users Can Expect:

     + Easy-to-Read User Displays
     + Accurate Voltage Rating, Max Power, and Other Necessary Measurements
     + Accurate Amount of Electricity Delivered
     + Clear, Easy-to-Understand Pricing

At Loop, we believe our customers should know exactly what they’re paying for. This CTEP certification gives us the confidence to offer trusted charging solutions with best-in-class efficiency, convenience and accessibility.

How Loop’s Partners Can Benefit From CTEP Certification

Starting this year, all newly installed Level 2 charging stations are required to be CTEP certified. With only three other certified charging networks, Loop is strongly positioned to carve out an even bigger share of the EV charging market.

Partners are encouraged to share the importance of a CTEP certification. Facility managers and property owners can now offer public Level 2 charging that is certified to be accurate, priced fairly, and secure for all of their clients, residents or visitors.

Which Loop Chargers Are CTEP Certified?

The EV Flex Lite: our #1 at-home Level 2 charger.
The EV Flex: our best-selling public & private Level 2 charger.
The EV Fleet: our groundbreaking Level 2 charger with the ability to charge 2.5x faster than traditional Level 2 chargers.

You can learn more about all of our Level 2 charging solutions, as well as our DC Fast Charger, the EV Fast at www.evloop.io






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