California Leads the Way In EV Adoption Rates In the United States

California Leads the Way in National EV Adoption Rates

California continues to lead the country in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

As of 2020, there are nearly 2 million electric vehicles registered in the United States. An astounding 41% of those are registered in California. 

That means California has more than 650,000 EVs on the road today, with an additional 121,000 EVs sold in the first quarter of 2021. An incredible number, but one that brings its own set of problems. As the number of EVs continue to increase, California’s network of 22,000 charging stations must increase just as fast in order to sustain and support the transition to renewable energy. 

While the goal to expand the EV charging infrastructure is certainly attainable, time is of the essence. By the year 2030, California is expected to have 7.5 million electric vehicles, making reliable charging stations a top priority. In fact, the California Energy Commission found that the state will need a total of 1.2 million public and shared chargers to meet this increased demand.

California seems up to the task. Governor Newson’s “California Roars Back” plan dedicated $3.2 billion to expanding California’s charging network and meeting the state’s EV adoption goals. This will include a wide variety of infrastructure advancements, including speeding up installation efforts across the entire west coast state.

Image courtesy of Pew Research Center. Figures include fully-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Adoption Across the Globe

Globally, the electric vehicle industry is expanding faster than ever before. According to the International Energy Agency, the number of total EVs around the world should hit 145 million by the year 2030, a 1600% increase over the 8.5 million on the road today. With about 7 million global chargers available today, we can expect to see a similar increase as we get closer to the year 2030. 

In 2020, there were over 285,000 public charging stations in Europe and about 807,000 public charging stations in China. As the US tries to catch up and eventually surpass those numbers, Loop has positioned itself firmly as one of the fastest growing charging networks in the world. Loop’s partnership with Tritium, as well as their CTEP-certified Level 2 chargers give the company an early edge as America prepares for its massive transition.

Loop isn’t alone in the fight for a cleaner future, but government policies and city efforts must come together in order to enhance EV adoption and truly make it accessible for everyone. These include measures for infrastructure expansion, providing incentives for EV owners to install chargers at home, and direct investments to install public EV charging stations across the country.

Image courtesy of EVadoption.

A Closer Look at Level 2 and DC Fast Charging Data

Level 2 charging stations are expected to have the largest market share among the three current charger types. Today, according to EV Adoption, level 2 chargers make up the majority of global chargers, with 4.45x the amount of ports and 5.97x the amount of locations as level 3 fast chargers. However, DC fast charging stations are expected to grow the quickest of the three due to their rapid charging speed.

Privately, people are shifting to at-home level 2 chargers due to their higher-efficiency and lower-cost when compared to level 1 home chargers.

What This Means for Loop

Loop is expanding, and that expansion is happening faster every day.

Loop’s high-efficiency, affordable, and CTEP-certified chargers are the ideal solution to meet the demand in both public and private charging stations. 

Loop’s Network Partner Program (LNPP) will continue to expand as we see an increased demand for Level 2 and DC Fast chargers. Due to Loop’s unique business structure, our LNPPs are in a strong position to offer best-in-class charging solutions to all of their clients. 

With carbon emissions being at an all-time high, transitioning to clean energy is more important than ever.  Loop is ready to do its part to ensure it leaves a positive impact for the world. 

Are you ready to join the fight for a cleaner tomorrow? 

Visit to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved. 



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