EVSE Bootcamp: Energy Sovereignty, Security & Technology

On September 12, 2023, Loop Global participated in a panel discussion at EV Tactical Expo (TEVx) in San Diego, CA.

Attendees of the TEVx event featured top stakeholders and decision makers in government and military agencies on electrifying the future of federal agencies, first responders, law enforcement, and beyond. Loop also featured an extraordinary booth showcasing its EV adoption solutions, including a Vanderhall Brawley GTS.

Here’s an overview of the key takeaways from the event:

EVSE Bootcamp: Energy Sovereignty, Security & Technology

The impacts of adaptive EV fleets on military and first response sectors, the role of government security & compliance, and the rapid advancements in EV charging technology.

Loop Panelists:

Christopher Becker, VP of Operations (Moderator)

Son Dang, Chief Hardware Office

Eric Hodonsky, Chief Software Officer

Josh Brewton, Director of Compliance

Christopher Becker: Panel Moderator and Intro

In a world rapidly transitioning towards electric vehicles, it’s crucial to understand the evolving landscape of EV Charging Infrastructure (EVSE). Loop Global, a leader in this field, hosted an insightful EVSE Bootcamp, bringing together its experts to discuss topics ranging from energy sovereignty to technologies available to military, federal agencies, law enforcement, first responders, and other government entities.

Son Dang: Navigating the EVSE Technological Shift


Son Dang provided a comprehensive overview of the EVSE technology changes in the last 5-10 years. He highlighted the significant improvements in fixed infrastructure, emphasizing real-time power sharing among charging stations. Moreover, how advancements in accurate energy metering and infrastructure robustness have set the stage for reliable EV charging networks.

Dang emphasized the importance of future-proofing, including mobile standalone solutions and battery swap technologies. These innovations promise to revolutionize the EV charging experience, offering greater flexibility and adaptability for both commercial and emergency applications.

Dang also delved into the critical aspect of reliability in EV charging stations. He acknowledged the historical inconsistency in reliability, attributing it to a lack of standardized hardware and software. However, he pointed out how this is rapidly changing, with a focus on simplified, low-maintenance designs and fail-safe technologies. And with Loop’s commitment to 99% uptime, the industry is making significant strides towards ensuring that EV charging is a seamless experience.

Eric Hodonsky: Ensuring Security and Compliance with FedRAMP

Eric Hodonsky provided invaluable insights into the security and compliance aspect of EVSE. He outlined the different classifications under FedRAMP and highlighted how EVSE suppliers are categorizing themselves. Understanding these classifications is crucial for ensuring that EV charging networks and government agencies meet the necessary security standards, particularly in sensitive sectors like the military and first response.

Hodonsky also touched on the importance of interoperability, emphasizing open protocols like OCPP and OCPI. These protocols play a vital role in enabling seamless roaming for EV drivers across different charging networks, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Josh Brewton: Why EV Charging Security & Compliance Matter

Josh Brewton shed light on why security and compliance are paramount in the EV charging industry. As the demand for EVs continues to grow, ensuring the security of financial transactions and data privacy becomes imperative. Moreover, in a first-response world where mobility is a strategic asset, a secure and resilient transportation system is vital for national security.

Brewton emphasized the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) and outlined the various regulations and frameworks that govern EVSE security, including NEVI, SOC 2, NIST, and FedRAMP. These measures are critical in building trust and confidence in the EV industry.

Christopher Becker: Wrapping it up. A Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future

The EVSE Bootcamp with Loop Global provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of EV charging infrastructure in military, federal, and law enforcement agencies, focusing on energy sovereignty, security, and technology. Highlighted was the rapid advancements in EVSE technology, the importance of reliability and compliance, and the critical role of security in the growing EV ecosystem.

As the world embraces electric mobility, events like these play a pivotal role in bringing together independent experts and government stakeholders to drive innovation and ensure a sustainable and secure future for EVs. Loop Global’s commitment to these principles sets a strong foundation for the continued growth and success of the EV industry.

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