Loop Global White Paper: Pioneering Federal EV Charging Security

Executive Summary

Loop Global is pursuing Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification, positioning itself within the ‘Moderate’ categorization. This strategic move reflects Loop’s commitment to ensuring advanced security within its dedicated Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging management platform. This initiative is tailored to meet the security requirements of US federal agencies and their affiliated bodies within the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) domain.

An Edge in Electrification

Loop’s chargers are making significant advancements in EV charging technology. Each charger guarantees not only durability, but also sustainable innovation. These chargers offer advanced capabilities, ranging from rapid charging to nuanced power adjustments and real-time feedback systems. These capabilities place Loop in a promising position within the federal landscape of the EV charging domain.

Decoding Loop Electric Vehicle Charging Network-GOV (LEVCN-GOV) for Federal EV Management

LEVCN-GOV represents a shift in EV charging infrastructure, specifically crafted for government domains. Prioritizing seamless transactions, it ensures effortless communication across charging stations dispersed in various public, federal, state, and local jurisdictions. By optimizing the interaction between users, both public and government officials, and the charging framework, it embodies streamlined operations, spanning from initiating charging sessions to facilitating financial transactions.

Moreover, Loop’s solutions offer EV fleet and facility managers a comprehensive overview of their operations. Real-time monitoring, charging analytics, and user access controls serve as a foundation. The seamless integration with existing fleet management systems reflects a unified and efficient platform, a critical facet for future-ready federal agencies.

For end-users, the accompanying Loop mobile application simplifies the charging experience, providing multiple convenient access methods, ranging from NFC, BLE, and RFID tags to conventional payment methods.

A Vision for the Future

Josh Brewton, Director of Compliance at Loop, expresses optimism about the future:

“Our pursuit of FedRAMP certification signifies our strategic vision for the federal EV sector. Given the federal endorsement of our charging infrastructure, we are poised to establish LEVCN-GOV in support of the federal EV marketplace. Our anticipation extends beyond launching a secure platform; it encompasses expediting the adoption of federal EV charging.”

For more information we encourage you to contact support@loopglobalgov.com and/or visit the FedRAMP Marketplace website.



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