Which Level 2 Loop Charging Solution is Right for You?

Which Loop Level 2 Charging Solution is Right for You?

Loop offers two affordable and convenient Level 2 charging solutions of passenger cars. The EV Flex and EV Flex Lite offer reliable EV charging with the benefit of completely remote maintenance and troubleshooting. Find out which option is right for your property or business. 

Whether you’re looking for charging stations for your retail property, commercial or residential property, Loop has the Level 2 electric vehicle charger that’s right for you.

Both the EV Flex and EV Flex Lite are ideal solutions for getting passenger cars back on the road quickly and reliably. However, there are some slight differences of which property owners and EV drivers should be aware. 

Here’s a short guide on Loop’s Level 2 EV Chargers: 

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As the table above shows, the EV Flex and EV Flex Lite are virtually identical. They share the same dimensions, the same weight and the same unrivaled convenience and consistency. Both chargers are CTEP certified, both are equipped with universal charging cords and both are capable of adding up to 30 miles of range per hour of charge. 

The only difference between these two chargers is their connectivity ability. While the EV Flex is equipped with both WiFi and cellular connectivity, the EV Flex Lite only connects to the Loop network through WiFi, thus reducing its price even further. That slight difference makes it the perfect option for residential homes and WiFi enabled garages. 

While the EV Flex and Flex Lite are recommended for any and all electric passenger vehicles, we also offer a state-of-the-art Level 2 commercial charger, the EV Fleet. This Level 2 charger can charge up to 2.5x faster is designed to be the most affordable electric fleet charger available. 

You can read more about Loop’s various charging solutions HERE. 

Do you still have questions about Loop’s Level 2 charging solutions? Submit your questions below or call our customer support line at +1-888-EVLOOP1. 






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