EV Fleet Charger

Loop’s EV Fleet Charger Offers Fast & Reliable Commercial Fleet Charging At The Industry’s Best Price

Loop’s EV Fleet Charger Offers Fast & Reliable Commercial Fleet Charging At The Industry’s Best Price

Meet the game-changing alternative to bulky, expensive fleet chargers; the new EV Fleet offers improved functionality, safety and reliability at the market’s best price.

EV Fleet Charger

Over the past 18 months, Loop has helped optimize and expand the national and global charging network by offering best-in-class chargers at unbeatable prices. When we first entered the electric vehicle industry, our main goal was to make EV charging more accessible for every driver, regardless of location or income level. By stripping down the over-engineered hardware of current-market EV chargers, we were able to create a smaller, slimmer and more affordable level 2 charger without sacrificing any functionality. This subtle, yet innovative change has allowed us to provide reliable EV charging stations at locations which previously couldn’t afford to offer such a service. 

That first charger, Loop’s EV Flex, helped Loop become one of the fastest growing EV charging networks in the world. Since the EV Flex’s release over a year ago, we have expanded our catalog with the EV Flex Lite and the EV Fast. The EV Flex Lite was an even more slimmed-down version of our EV Flex, developed for affordable at-home Level 2 charging. For on-the-go charging, Loop partnered with industry-leader Tritium to develop a DC Fast charger that meets Loop’s strict standards for reliability, security and accessibility. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the newest addition to our game-changing lineup. 
EV Fleet At Dealership
The EV Fleet is more convenient, more secure and more affordable than any other fleet charger on the market today.

Loop’s EV Fleet was expertly engineered with the same quality and thoughtfulness that has become synonymous with the Loop brand. While our new fleet charger is not much bigger than our flagship EV Flex, the EV Fleet can charge up to 2.5x faster than standard Level 2 chargers. Meaning the EV Fleet can add 50-70 miles of range in just one hour.

But here’s where Loop’s EV Fleet sets itself apart from the competition: due to its more manageable size and weight compared to existing fleet chargers, the EV Fleet has the flexibility to be mounted virtually anywhere. This includes our official pedestal, smaller columns and pillars, narrow walls, ceilings and more. Its compact size, not much larger than an iPad, also allows for more EV Fleet charging stations to be installed in the same space compared to its bulkier alternatives. Not only is this more convenient, but it helps get fleets of any size back on the road faster. The EV Fleet also offers unrivaled ease-of-use, security and reliability for fleet managers, with features including: CTEP-certified metering accuracy, remote over-the-air maintenance and updates, real-time load management, universal compatibility, weatherproof durability and more. 

Since Loop released the EV Flex over a year ago, property managers, corporate offices, apartment complexes and homeowners have enjoyed state-of-the-art EV charging solutions at unbeatable prices. Now, with the EV Fleet, commercial fleet owners can enjoy the same experience and keep their business running at full speed.

To learn more about the full line-up of Loop’s EV Charging solutions, you can contact our sales team here or visit www.evloop.io



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