Miller Electric Paves the Way With EV Innovative Design Center Featuring Loop Chargers

In a groundbreaking move that signals a new era for EVs, Miller Electric Company proudly unveiled its Electric Vehicle Innovative Design Center (EVIDC) in Jacksonville, FL. Loop Global is excited to be a part of this momentous occasion, setting the stage for a cleaner and more sustainable future of transportation.

The EVIDC stands as a testament to innovation, featuring Miller Electric’s commitment to cleaner energies. The facility is a powerhouse that not only includes Loop’s EV charging stations, but a dedicated training center and a state-of-the-art lab for engineers. The combination makes the EVIDC a unique hub for the development and advancement of EV technologies.

Loop Chargers Take Center Stage

One of the highlights of the EVIDC is the inclusion of two Loop chargers: the EV-Fleet and the EV-Focus. Loop’s EV-Focus also features an additional revenue stream through programmatic digital advertising and local content displayed on a vibrant Samsung screen. This innovation reshapes EV charging as both functional and financially rewarding.

“We are proud to stand alongside Miller Electric as they take this momentous step forward in launching the EVIDC,” said Christopher Becker, Vice President of Operations of Loop Global. “The EV-Fleet and EV-Focus units not only redefine the charging experience, but showcase our dedication to shaping the evolution of EV charging in collaboration with Miller Electric.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the EVIDC was attended by an audience including city officials, stakeholders, local press, and River City residents. Loop representatives Eric Smith and Yates Karneboge were also present to support the collaborative effort behind this initiative.

Donnie Smith, Chief Commercial Officer of Miller Electric, highlighted the uniqueness of the EVIDC. 

“This allows our clients from all over the country to come to Jacksonville and see all of the different chargers, makes, and models. Our clients are asking us, ‘What do you recommend?’ We are going to bring them to Jacksonville, Florida. They will get a chance to get their hands on it and test it,” Smith explained. 

Local media coverage also provided a glimpse into the excitement and potential. 

WJXT Jacksonville 4:

CBS 47 / FOX 30:

Loop congratulates Miller Electric on achieving this significant milestone. The EVIDC opens doors for collaboration and knowledge-sharing on a national scale. Loop eagerly anticipates the positive impact that the EVIDC will unlock and is looking forward to the advancements it will inspire in the ongoing evolution of transportation.



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