Upgrading Your Property with Loop EV Chargers

Upgrading Your Property with Loop EV Chargers

Currently there is a rapid acceleration in the growth of eMobility: 1 out of every 5 new cars sold will be electric vehicles by 2025, with 120 million EVs expected to be on the road by 2030.

Will your property be ready for that kind of demand? 

Why Choose Loop Chargers?

With lower manufacturing costs and no monthly service fee, Loop is in a unique position to offer state-of-the-art Level 2 and DC Fast chargers for as little as $0 out-of-pocket. Meaning every charger you install will be cash-flow positive from Day 1.

Loop also offers 100% remote maintenance and network management, while boasting an astounding 99.4% network reliability. This means less work for the property manager and more peace of mind for their drivers. 

  • Install state-of-the art chargers for as little as $0 out-of-pocket.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Your station will be cash-flow positive at all times.
  • All Level 2 Chargers are CTEP Certified. 
  • Remote management and maintenance keeps your station running 24/7.
  • Energy optimization and responsible load management.
  • World class end user experience with 24/7 support and user-friendly mobile app.
  • Full Loop warranty with labor and warranty support.

As one of the fastest-growing EV charging networks in America, Loop offers unrivaled value and exclusive features for every property manager.

Loop’s EV Charging Solutions

EV Flex

The EV Flex is Loop’s first, and most popular EV charging solution. Its slim design and durability allow this charger to be installed anywhere: indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the EV Flex, along with the EV Flex Lite and the EV Fleet, are CTEP certified chargers. This ensures an accurate & reliable transaction for property managers and EV drivers alike.

Loop’s Level 2 EV Flex is eligible for federal and state rebates up to $10,000 per charger. 

Charging Rate: 25-30 Miles of Range Per Hour (Full Charge in 7-10 Hours)

EV Flex Lite

Loop’s EV Flex Lite was made specifically for at-home use. Almost indistinguishable from the EV Flex, Loop further optimized its hardware and software to create an even more affordable at-home charger. The only difference between the EV Flex and the EV Flex Lite is their connectivity abilities. The EV Flex is equipped with both WiFi and LTE, while the EV Flex Lite only uses WiFi.

As a qualifying Level 2 charger, the EV Flex lite is also eligible for the same rebates as Loop’s flagship EV Flex. 

Charging Rate: 25-30 Miles of Range Per Hour (Full Charge in 7-10 Hours)

EV Fleet

Loop’s EV Fleet is a game-changing Level 2 charging solution that can charge up to 2.5x faster than standard Level 2 chargers. It’s the perfect solution for commercial fleets, heavy duty electric vehicles, or getting passenger cars back on the road faster. Even with its increased speed and efficiency, the EV Fleet is not much larger than a tablet which allows for affordable and  flexible installation.

The EV Fleet is eligible for all federal and state rebates for Level 2 chargers. 

Charging Rate: 60-75 Miles of Range Per Hour (Full Charge in 4-5 Hours)

EV Fast

To create an affordable DC Fast Charger without sacrificing speed or functionality, Loop teamed up with industry-leader Tritium. Together, the two companies built a DC Fast Charger that costs a fraction of the price of leading competitors. It’s the ideal solution for public, private or commercial properties where drivers spend 30-90 minutes.

The EV Fast DC Fast Charger is eligible for federal and state rebates up to $80,000 per charger. 

Charging Rate: ~100 Miles of Range Per Hour (Full Charge in under 3.5 Hours)

Profitability of EV Chargers

If you own property, you don’t need to wait until 2030 to start seeing the benefits of EV chargers. Today, there are a number of state and federal incentives to help accelerate the growth of the national EV charging network. These programs are helping property managers across the country offer Loop’s charging solutions for $0 out-of-pocket.

The degree of profitability will depend on which charging solution is right for your property, but with “Loop As A Service” each charger will be cash-flow positive by Day 1. As the EV market expands and more drivers make the transition to electric vehicles, charging stations will continue to generate more and more passive income for their owners.

In fact, oil giant BP already claims that its use of EV charging stations “is on the cusp of being more profitable for the company than filling up an internal combustion-powered car with gas.” This is an amazing development for anyone interested in generating extra income by offering EV charging solutions. 

Interested In Installing Loop At Your Property?

To understand exactly how much extra revenue a Loop EV Charging Solution can offer you, you can contact the Loop team directly. Speak with customer support at 1-888-EVLoop1 or visit our website at www.evloop.io to learn more. 






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