A Match Made in Southern California: Loop is Partnering with Walters Wholesale Electric

A Match Made in SoCal: Loop is Partnering with Walters Wholesale Electric

Loop EV Charging Network is proud to announce a new partner in its fight for a cleaner future. Walters Wholesale Electric Company is a well-established pillar in the electrical industry, dedicated to providing personalized solutions for their clients.

Growth with a Purpose

Founded in Long Beach, CA nearly 70 years ago, Walters’ dedication to fairness and customer
service has made them an irreplaceable part of So-Cal’s electrical and industrial landscape.
With over 25 branches in their network linked to their central billing and warehouse, their multi-
branch network demands the purchasing power of larger chains. That purchasing power helps keep Walters’ prices competitive, while their community-facing branches deliver personalized services found only at local “Mom and Pop” shops.

Today, the transportation industry is headed full-speed toward electric. With over 25 car manufacturers releasing new fully-electric vehicles over the next two years, that transition is coming soon. Walters’ new partnership with Loop helps them provide even more range to their already impressive service catalog. Commercial and municipal buildings looking to increase revenue with commercial EV chargers, can now reach out to any Walters branch for a completely customized order.

Loop EV Chargers and Walters Wholesale

With our exclusive partnership, Walters will now be offering customers six of Loop’s flag-ship products.

EV Flex

EV Flex is Loop’s best-in-class Level 2 charger for both residential and small business sites. This 240 VAC, 7.68 kW charger can fully charge the average EV battery in just 8 hours (with times ranging between 7hr-11hr depending on your car’s maximum range).

At home, EV Flex can be conveniently mounted on a wall, ceiling, or pole. Installing EV Flex at small businesses is a breeze with Loop’s custom pedestal – a sleek 4.5 ft aluminum stand built specifically for our level 2 chargers. Fortified with tamper-resistant and weatherproof technology, EV Flex can be mounted indoors or outdoors with confidence.

This level 2 charger is equipped with both WiFi and cellular LTE for seamless app integration no matter where you’re charging. With its satellite enabled LTE and durable water-resistant shell, EV Flex is perfect for small or detached parking lots.

Learn More About the EV Flex Charger 

EV Flex Lite

EV Flex Lite is virtually identical to EV Flex. They’re both universally compatible, charging any electric car with the same speed and reliability. The only difference is EV Flex Lite does not have cellular LTE connectivity.

By limiting EV Flex Lite to WiFi, Loop was able to cut costs and offer homeowners a more affordable alternative without sacrificing performance.

Learn More About the EV Flex Lite 

EV Fast

Walters will also be offering EV Fast to commercial, retail, municipal, or public-access properties. This full-featured fast charger is stylish, reliable, and efficient. Complete with liquid cooling technology, universal compatibility, and advanced load management EV Fast is the low-maintenance, high-efficiency solution for larger traffic areas.

EV Fast is capable of charging around 200 miles of range per hour, fully charging most EVs in under 90 minutes.

Learn More About the EV Fast Charger 

EV Fleet

With 2.5x the charging speed of our standard EV Flex and available at a fraction of the cost of EV Fast, EV Fleet is set to become an industry game-changer. With its innovative hardware and software EV Fleet can charge approximately 80 miles of range in just one hour and offer a full charge in under 4 hours. 

This fast and affordable hybrid approach is specifically designed for facilities that host drivers for an hour or two – such as coffee shops, retail stores, malls, and more. 

Learn More About the EV Fleet Charger

Loop  Network Router

Loop’s advanced network router is an optional expansion hardware compatible with all of our chargers. It allows us to provide reliable access to Loop’s entire network in places with little-to-no cell service or WiFi signal.

Our router can wirelessly optimize proper load management between local area charging stations and even mitigate charging fees for our drivers.

Learn More About the Loop Network Router

Loop Pedestal

In areas where alternative mounting is inaccessible, Walters can provide a solution with Loop’s Charging Pedestal. Slim, modern, and weighing in at just 20 lbs this pedestal makes parking lot installation easier than ever. Loop’s Pedestal is water resistant, ADA compliant, and wrapped in a powder coated aluminum for an amazing visual appeal.

Learn More About Loop’s Pedestal

Two Companies, One Mission

Building a cleaner future takes all of us working together.

This new partnership helps Loop get closer to providing an affordable next-gen charging network for every American. And for Walters Wholesale Electric Company, it lets them do what they do best – provide in-demand services and solutions to the communities they represent.

You can learn more about Walters and explore their online catalog here.


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